Restored And Colorized Century-Old Photos From Major League Baseball


We present to you here with the colorized and restored images below the originals. If your favorite team is not represented, it’s probably because they didn’t exist 100 years ago!

#1 “Shoeless” Joe Jackson. Chicago White Sox, In Their Championship Year Of 1917

#2 The Stars Of The Chicago White Sox In Their Championship Year Of 1917

#3 Trio Of Brooklyn Robins At Braves Field, Boston, 1916

#4 “Smokey” Joe Wood. Boston Red Sox, 1915

#5 Alva “Rip” Williams. Washington Nationals, 1912

#6 Branch Rickey. St. Louis Browns, 1914. Rickey Was No Great Player, But He Lives In Baseball History For His Work In Breaking The Segregation Of The Major Leagues, When He Signed Jackie Robinson To The Dodgers In 1947

#7 Grover Cleveland Alexander. Philadelphia Phillies, 1914

#8 “Chief” Meyers. Brooklyn, 1916

#10 The First Champions Of The New American League. Chicago White Sox, With Owner Charles Comiskey, 1901

#11 Billy Sullivan. Chicago White Sox, 1911

#12 John “Shano” Collins. Chicago White Sox, 1917

#13 Johnny Evers. Chicago Cubs, 1913

#14 Honus Wagner. Pittsburgh Pirates, 1917

#15 Casey Stengel. Brooklyn, 1915

#16 Eddie Collins. Philadelphia Athletics, 1910

#17 Jim Thorpe. New York Giants, 1913, One Year After Winning The Decathlon And Pentathlon Gold Medals In The Stockholm Olympics

#18 Hippo Vaughn. Chicago Cubs, 1914

#19 New York Giants Manager John Mcgraw With Chicago Cubs Star Johnny Evers, 1912

#20 Pitching Great Christy Mathewson At His Last Appearance As A Player With The Cincinnati Reds, 1916

#21 Babe Ruth. Boston Red Sox, 1919

#22 Miller Huggins. St. Louis Cardinals, 1911

#23 Amos Strunk. Philadelphia Athletics, 1914

#24 “Shoeless” Joe Jackson. Cleveland Naps, 1911

#25 “Rube” Foster. Boston Red Sox, 1914

Restored And Colorized by ManCave Pictures