Real Life Game Of Thrones Scene Locations

Germany-based travel blogger and hardcore TV fan Andrea David is exploring the world, one Game of Thrones scene at a time. Andrea is visiting the exact locations where HBO has been filming their famous show and she is documenting her journey by photographing the places with a still from the show in front of them.

From Jesuit Stairs in Dubrovnik, Croatia to Carnlough in Northern Ireland, Andrea is following in the footsteps of Daenerys, Arya, Jon Snow, and other unforgettable characters that we grew to love and hate. Her collection spans all over Europe and Andrea has already visited locations from all seven seasons.

#1 Minčeta Tower, Dubrovnik, Croatia

#2 Jesuit Stairs, Dubrovnik, Croatia

#3 Carnlough, Northern Ireland

#4 The Girona Cathedral, Girona, Spain

#5 Trsteno Arboretum, Croatia

#6 The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

#7 Mývatn, Iceland

#8 Ulica Od Rupa, Dubrovnik, Croatia

#9 Carrer Del Bisbe Josep Cartañà, Girona, Spain

#10 Tollymore Forest Park, Northern Ireland

#11 Dubrovnik West Harbour, Dubrovnik, Croatia

#12 Azure Window On Gozo, Malta

#13 Dubrovnik, Croatia

#14 The Girona Cathedral, Girona, Spain

#15 Audley’s Castle, Northern Ireland

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