Movie Soundtracks that Would Also Make Great Rock Albums



In many films, music sets the tone, and music sets the tempo. It’s often a song that movie lovers will associate with a particular film or sequence. A song that triggers memories of that original film experience. When it comes to soundtracks, many people remember the movie by one particular song. But, some movie soundtracks are so great, they can easily make great rock albums, when put together. We’ve picked several movie soundtracks that impressed us the most. Enjoy!

End of Days

For End of Days, the Axl Rose-led band contributed its first new song, Oh My God, featured on the soundtrack and in the film – a harsh, driving industrial influenced track that was actually pretty decent, if a little dated today.

From there, the soundtrack included cuts by the big rock and metal acts of the time: Korn, Limp Bizkit, Powerman 5000, Rob Zombie, plus an appearance from Eminem. As much as it’s a product of its time and a 90s Nu Metal showcase, as a soundtrack, it was and is pretty good. Creed not withstanding.

The Crow

Featuring tacks by Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Pantera, Stone Temple Pilots, and a host of others, the soundtrack to The Crow is almost perfectly suited to the film, and features heavily throughout. Which makes sense: Crow creator James O’Barr went so far as to print lyrics by The Cure right on the printed page.


It’s hard to think of Trainspotting and not think of Iggy Pop’s fantastic Lust For Life right along with it. It was a huge part of the promotional campaign, and a selling point for the film’s fantastic soundtrack. Brian Eno, Blur, New Order, Pulp, Elastica, and Lou Reed among others would also appear on the soundtrack, which took off with fans and sold like hotcakes.


Singles was the ultimate representation of the 90s “alternative” subculture that took off with the so-called Seattle Sound and its “Big Four”: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden. Cameron Crowe’s look at relationships in the rainy city was scored by Paul Westerburg (The Replacements), and the soundtrack featured three of those big four bands. The only one missing? Nirvana, but on an album this loaded, they weren’t really missed.

Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused, without question, features the best collection of classic and hard rock cuts to be found on any soundtrack, anywhere. While it’s set in the 70s, the film was made in the 90s, and it wisely chose to select the best of the best from the era – the songs that have aged incredibly well. The songs that kids in the 90s, and in some cases even more recently, still listened to.

Those include Black Sabbath’s Paranoid and Alice Cooper’s School’s Out (which happens to turn up in two of the best rock soundtracks ever). Along with those: Foghat, ZZ Top, Ted Nugent, The Runaways, Deep Purple, KISS, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. There would have been a Led Zepplin track as well, but Robert Plant was the lone holdout among the surviving members.

It matters not. Dazed and Confused is still the ultimate rock soundtrack!

Missed any of these movies? The soundtracks are reason enough to watch them right now!