Hemmelig Rom – A Beautiful Secluded Library in the Woods

Every person who likes reading has his/her own favorite place for reading. For some, it’s some cafe, for others, it’s the tube, the bus or any other means of commuting. While, some readers want to read in a warm, quite place, with a nice look through the window. Hemmelig Rom is a place that all will like, but the third ones will love it!


Located in the woods of New York State, the Hemmelig Rom (Norwegian for “secret room”) is a 200 square meters wood cabin, made from oak trees that provides the perfect atmosphere for every reader. Inside, you can find just about anything you need for a perfect reading experience: a bed, an armchair, a desk. Additionally, there’s a wood-burning stove to keep you cozy, while you curl up with a novel plucked from the book-lined shelves that surround you. I, for one, would like to spend some time there all by myself & the books on the shelves. And, who wouldn’t?

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