Creative Teacher Transforms Classroom Into A Comfy Home-Like Place, Adopts Cats To Educate His Students

They say if someone doesn’t love animals, he/she can not love humans as well. Teaching children to love and care for animals is essential to create a better world. Cevat Ayna, a primary school teacher from Turkey knows that children who grow up with animals are going to be loving members of society. So, he found a way to educate his students about animals by bringing a mother cat to the classroom that just gave birth to four furballs. All cats are now peacefully living among the children who take care of them with their loving little hearts.

Being an innovative and creative teacher, bringing cats to the classroom was not the only change Cevat Ayna made in order to educate his students better. He collaborated with the school management and parents to change the classroom environment and transformed the place into a little home. Now they have hardwood floors and desks are replaced with comfy pillows where children can lay down and study. They also have a little library corner where the students spend time even after school. And if his students get distracted during class, he plays piano for them to give them a break!

Cevat Ayna, a primary school teacher from Turkey, Aydın found a heart warming way to educate his students about loving and caring for animals

He brought a female cat named ‘Zibidi’ to live in the classroom with kids and she just gave birth to four little furballs

Students were able to see the difficulties of a mammal giving birth and this helped them gain empathy

Kids are responsible for caring and feeding all five cats that are peacefully strolling around the classroom

Being an innovative teacher, Cevat Ayna has made other changes in his classroom to make school life much more fun for his students