8-Year-Old Boy Spent 2 Years Growing His Hair To Make Wigs For Kids With Cancer

When 8-year-old boy named Thomas Moore saw his mother watching a video about a girl who had lost her hair to cancer, he had an idea. This young boy decided he will grow his hair out for kids who had lost their to chemotherapy. And so he did. For two whole years!

It’s amazing how a child can always find a way to help!

The amount of hair he grew and his will to finish what he started are amazing!


Thomas’ hair just kept on growing…

For the next two years!
kid-grows-hair-for-kids-with-cancer-8In the end, he had enough hair to make three wigs for three kids who had lost their hair to chemotherapy!

The length of the hair over two years: kid-grows-hair-for-kids-with-cancer-3

His project was first shared by his aunt on Twitter & the community was overwhelmed. And we were, too! Gestures like this one, inspired by children’s deep heart, keep amazing us. It’s good to know young men like Thomas exist!


Thomas and his aunt, Amber Ray, who shared this heart-warming story on Twitter.