22 Pieces of Creative Interactive Street Art

Creative Interactive Street Art

There are many talented artists around the world that express their talent on the streets. These pieces of creative interactive street art are really amazing. It seems like the 2D drawings are a part of the surrounding 3D world. Pretty amazing! Which one is your favorite?


Image credits: Oak Oak


Image credits: banksy creative-interactive-street-art-3

Image credits: Davyd Samuels creative-interactive-street-art-4

Image credits: Oak Oak


Image credits: Ernest Zacharevich creative-interactive-street-art-6

Image credits: Oak Oak creative-interactive-street-art-7

Image credits: Oak Oak creative-interactive-street-art-8

Image credits: Oak Oak creative-interactive-street-art-9

Image credits: memeirl creative-interactive-street-art-10

Image credits: WD.street.art


Image credits: Natalia Rak creative-interactive-street-art-12 creative-interactive-street-art-13

Image credits: morfai creative-interactive-street-art-14

Image credits: banksy creative-interactive-street-art-15

Image credits: fauxreel creative-interactive-street-art-16

Image credits: Oak Oak


Image credits: Oak Oak creative-interactive-street-art-18

Image credits: Sandrine Boulet creative-interactive-street-art-19

Image credits: Oak Oak creative-interactive-street-art-20

Image credits: P183 creative-interactive-street-art-21

Image credits: pejac creative-interactive-street-art-22

Image credits: mentalgassi creative-interactive-street-art-23

Image credits: 6emeia.com